Since its first event in 2002, TAIWAN ANNUAL, formerly known as “Taiwan Artists Fair,” has been a platform dedicated to art equality, promoting possibilities for curators, artists and audience from all locations and generations. Via digital transformation, Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) is now able to bring virtual arts into the real world. We sincerely invite everyone to experience the New Normal and actively open up more possibilities of art with us!


2023 TAIWAN ANNUAL continues the transformation energy of 2020, without categorizing genres of artworks, artists can employ forms and spaces more diversely to address their creativity and generate communication between the artworks as well as the audiences. Concurrently, to facilitate the artists’ future development, TAIWAN ANNUAL converges the professionals as a jury, including the artisits, curators, scholars, art critics, art institutions, press, collectors, technicians and interdisciplinary collaboration. The nominees of the Jury Prize will have the ANNUAL Convo with the professionals, discussing art issues face-to face, and the winner of the Jury Prize will be provided with a next-year exhibition schedule in the FrreS Art Space .

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Foster ANNUAL aims to distribute resources evenly for all generations, empowering young curators to practice in various contexts, and exploring manifold artistic potentialities. This year, as part of Foster ANNUAL, we recommended curator Lu Wei to participate in the Nomadic Art Camp held by B’Art Contemporary in Kyrgyzstan. In the camp, she presented the curatorial project “Packs of Land” that incorporated a reflection on the contemporary meaning of “Nomadism” and observations on the cultural exchange experience of Central Asia. This project will also be showcased in our physical and virtual exhibitions this year.

Art Institutions Invitation

Invitations have been extended to significant and emerging art institutions from various regions in the country, including venues like Good Underground Art Space, Hsin’ Space, Surfy Space, UP Gallery, Shin Len Yuan Art Space, and Taipei Digital Art Center. Through these cross-connections among art spaces and art institutions, the aim is to foster opportunities for artists and spaces to engage in exchanges, while presenting diverse perspectives on art that each space emphasizes. For international art institutions, the Ukrainian art institution Gallery 101 has been specially invited to recommend representatives to join our online main exhibition hall. This showcase not only signifies the determination of Taiwan and Ukraine to uphold democracy and freedom, but also presents memories and experiences from individuals to the collective society amidst times of war.

Curatorial Team


Chairperson|Isa HO

AVAT 14th Secretariat
Secretary-General | TSAI Ping-Ju
Executive Secretary|FAN Yu-Ching, Pien Tien-Wei
Assistant|LIANG Yu-Jing

Project Manager|Chen Wei-Lun
Media PR Promotion|3RoninStudio
Graphic Design|CHEN Yan-Ru, WEI Wen-Ru
Web Design|0gram
Virtual Spatial Design|Expect Studio
Lighting Design|HE Zhong-Chang
Construction|WU Wei-Ting, Huang Yan-Jun
Technical Crew|KAO Den-Huei, Hung Hao-Min, LIN Che-Yu
Photography|TU Yue-Shiuan
Event Photography|PAN I-An

Intern|CHAO Ke-chen, WU Ruei-Yun, WANG Ching-Yu, CHIANG Hui-Hsin, HSU Wei-Chun, JIANG Pin-Jen, CHENG Xiu-Yian
Volunteer|YANG Chih-Hanm, TSAI Xing-Tong, CHENG Cheng-Chen, SU Chien-Chou